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Its something we need to do every 24 hours.  But most of us at times will suffer from insomnia or other sleep disturbances


We all need sleep, some of us need less some a bit more. But average we need 7-8 hours a night. Unfortunately most of us will suffer from sleep issues at some point in our lives whether this is from insomnia, illness, noise or children!  And we are all aware of how lack of sleep makes us feel grouchy, off color and that we simply unable to do things as well like we normally do. 

I am passionate about enabling my clients to get a better nights sleep. I do not have a on/off acupuncture point for sleep but with treatment clients find that their sleep becomes more fitful and longer.  It might even surprise you to read that as an Acupuncturist the biggest compliment is when a client falls asleep on the treatment couch!
I believe that without good  sleep it is hard to achieve good health.
A recent study, highlighted in the press, shows the importance of sleep not just how we feel the next day but significantly how good sleep impacts on our health in later life.
Sleep well in middle age to stay sharp in later life - Telegraph