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Breech Babies

pregnancyStudies have shown that Acupuncture is successful in turning breech babies to their optimal position for birth. Breech babies are ideally treated between 32 – 35 weeks. At this stage Acupuncture treatment is (approximately) 80% effective and often only requires a one off treatment to show you how to continue treatment at home with a 'moxa' stick. ('Moxa' is a herb that has been shaped into a cigar like stick). The moxa stick is lit and held over specific places in the body to stimulate the acupuncture points twice a day for up to 10 days.

Cardini F et al. Moxibustion for correction of breech presentation: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998, 280(18):1580-1584.

Labour Induction

If you are reading this it is likely you, partner or friend are late in your third trimester, are overdue or seeking an alternative to a medical induction.

Acupuncture has been used successfully for thousands of years to induce women who are over-due in their pregnancy.

Various Acupuncture points are used to encourage labour. Some points are specific to the individual client whilst others are beneficial to all pregnant women.

Success may require treatment on consecutive days.

NB: To be eligible for induction by acupuncture you must be at your estimated due date or after. It is also advisable to inform your midwife or consultant before any induction technique. This is to ensure that both you and the baby are kept safe.

Breast Feeding

Many women find breastfeeding comes naturally and easily to them after birth. Sometimes it may take a few false starts until Mum and Baby ‘get it’. For some new mothers breastfeeding can become a source of stress, physical painful and emotionally upsetting.

It is important to seek help as soon as possible. I would always encourage Mum’s to seek advice from their midwives or other breastfeeding support advisors such as http://www.thenewbornnetwork.com/breastfeeding

In conjunction with this support and advice acupuncture can help the complications and issues of breastfeeding.

Acupuncture is excellent at helping to relieve the emotional issues that can occur with a new baby. A breastfeeding Mum who feels low, anxious, tired milk supply can be impacted.

If you have any questions please call for a confidential phone chat or to make a free 20 minute face-to-face consultation to see how I could help you.