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laterns Are you looking for a speaker for your organisation, group or meeting?

Ruth Wallis of Sutton Acupuncture is available as a public speaker – please call for more information and my availability.

I am passionate about acupuncture and love talking about this fascinating subject. Although often shrouded in mystery and doubt, my talks are always presented in an unbiased informative manner.

Did you know?

  • That acupuncture is not just about pain relief?
  • That there are different styles of acupuncture?
  • Do you know what an acupuncture needle looks like?
  • That according to acupuncture theory there are 12 meridians or energy channels running through each and every one of us?
  • That acupuncture can trace its roots back over 2500 years?
  • That brain activity changes when a needle is inserted into someone (measured whilst a person was having an MRI scan)?
  • That acupuncture started as a means to keep people healthy?

I can tailor a talk starting from 10 minutes.